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The foremost name in the field of producing and distributing superior quality non-basmati rice worldwide, the Deccan Group is committed to ensuring delightful gourmet experiences to its customers, consistently.

With a nexus of production and supply chain panning across the world, the Deccan Group has several specialized units under its folds that cater to the specific needs of various consumers all across the globe.

Over the last two decades, the Deccan Group has been recognized worldwide as the premier banner that provides indigenously grown, authentic Indian non-basmati rice, where each grain is further processed and perfected by ultra modern rice milling and processing technologies.

Consistent quality of grains and highly efficient network of supply has earned the Deccan Group worldwide acknowledgement and appreciation.


Deccan Legacy

Rice as a cereal grain is consumed by a colossal proportion of the world's population. A high nutritive and caloric content means that rice in its different varieties is prepared and partaken of by almost every nation in the world, although in varying intensity and regularity. This directly translates into a perennial demand for premium quality rice!

The Deccan Group boasts of an extremely engaging legacy - one of taking the authentic flavours of India to the world, all year round. The production & packaging methodologies practiced, and precautions taken during import/export, ensures top-notch quality rice is made easily available to customers at every nook and corner of the globe. Our mantra of 100% purity ensures that no matter where you are based, be it in Houston or in Hyderabad, dishes prepared with our rice will always exude the same aroma & have the same rich taste.

Rice manufactured by the Deccan Group is perfected through the Japanese Sortex Technology. In this process, impurities such as transparent glass, ceramic stones, foreign material and discoloured rice are separated rigorously from good quality grains. These are then scanned for further impurities, and only after the standard parameters of the quality check are met, the best grains are churned out by the machines.

Our Business Houses

The Deccan Group consists of the 3 well established business houses, each dedicated to supreme quality food production and marketing.

  • Deccan Grainz Pvt. Ltd

    A Hyderabad based organization with almost 2 decades of excellence in the industry, Deccan Grainz has been recognized and certified by the government as a Star Export House

    Primarily engaged in the production and export of non-basmati varieties of rice, Deccan Grainz guarantees 100% quality in each of its products. Special care is taken right from the plantation to the packaging of rice grains. Deccan Grainz also specializes in the export of several other non-food and FMCG products.

    A faction of this company is involved in packaging enterprises as well, offering private labelling services in the standard packaging. The advanced packaging mechanisms available to Deccan Grainz enables satisfaction of all kinds of packaging needs.

    DUNS Seal

  • Deccan Foods Inc.

    Based in Arizona, Deccan Foods Inc has figured as a premier food importer since 2010. Specializing in the non-basmati varieties of rice, Deccan Foods trades authentic rice grains across borders, taking special care of custom clearings & FDA/USDA risks.

    This ensures hassle free & ceaseless supply of rice grains from the fields of Kurnool to the hearths of Kansas.

    An ever evolving and dynamic brand, Deccan Foods has also started worldwide distribution of various other gourmet produce like Washington Apples and California Lemons, among others, by means of air shipment, directly to the door step of consumers.

  • Deccan Imports, UK

    Deccan Imports London, in UK, houses Deccan Imports - also an import based enterprise specializing in the trade of non-basmati varieties of Indian rice.

    One of the special initiatives undertaken by Deccan Imports comprises of delivering authentic Indian foods to consumers all across the globe, while maintaining the standard freshness and taste.

    Deccan Imports tirelessly brings the taste of home to Indian expats settled abroad, and nurtures their sense of nostalgia.


Sona Masoori Rice

is one of the most popular non-basmati rice varieties. It is extremely lightweight and pleasantly scented. Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka are the main producers of this genus. As prolific as the produce may be, the grains need to be processed specially in order to provide the best taste and nutritive value - precisely what Deccan Rice consistently commits itself to.

Brown Sona Masoori Rice

packed with the goodness of vitamin B and minerals like Iron and Magnesium, this mildly earthyflavoured cereal will take you a long way on your quest for a healthy diet.

Low GI Sona Masoori Rice

great taste and texture combine with a Glycemic Index of below 55, to help consumers with weight management, blood sugar and diabetes*, and associated diseases. Boost your health without changing our diet. *As declared by research conducted by the American Diabetes Association

Crystal Sona Masoori

Traditionally known as golden ivy, this rice is a light grain, gluten free and low in fat. It makes for healthy and flavourful meals.

Ponni Boiled Rice

lays claim to certain highly beneficial nutritive markers. The enticing taste and fragrance make it an apt entry in any sumptuous Indian spread.

Ponni Raw Rice

is a requisite for dishes like idli and dosa. Indian dishes have always evoked much interest and fascination in culinary circles of the world and rice is the nonpareil mainstay of every spread.

Kerala Kuthari Matta Rice

is an indigenous variety of rice grown in Kerala. Its robust, earthy flavor makes it an enticing companion to delicacies such as lamb, beef or mutton dishes.

Idli Rice

an excellent product of the Kranti variety of rice, that primarily focuses on making soft and fluffy Idlies, one of the most popular rice-based Indian breakfasts.


We are also certified exporters and importers, and nationwide distributors of popular brands in FMCG products. In consumables, we partner exclusively with Karachi Bakery for export and import, and with Harika Snacks as a nationwide distributor for their merchandise.

Deccan is also into export of household utensils and electronic appliances, as part of its FMCG portfolio.


Deccan's Comprehensive Quality Assurance Plan.

‟ At Deccan, quality is paramount. Quality is what we live by, what we offer to our customers, what we seek from each and every stakeholder in the organization. ˮ

Deccan's Quality Assurance Plan is drilled down to each and every employee in the organization. We maintain details on each employee's responsibilities, and the qualifications that that employee needs to fulfill those responsibilities. We look at production to verify that our sources and suppliers, and the materials that are shipped from our premises, correspond to the most stringent quality requirements for the product. We specify adequate product testing, and test results and customer complaints are feedback we use to encourage improvements throughout the quality cycle.

Each of our products meet stringent quality tests at every stage - growing and harvesting, milling and sorting, and packaging and exporting.

Every bag that is processed is certified by HACCP, as well as by ISO 22000. Enjoy a plate of Deccan Rice today, and taste the difference that a drive for consistency and quality can bring to your table.

Farming & Sourcing of Rice

Only the best paddy makes its way to our rice mills for processing. High yield, premium quality paddy is sourced directly from locations which are quintessential for superior rice grains of that particular variety. Like all our Sona Masoori paddy comes from the Kurnool region of Andhra Pradesh. Kurnool paddy yields rice that is famous for its unique texture and size, as well as uplifting taste and aroma. The Krishna belt, another topography that is suited to cultivation of high-grade paddy, also contributes substantially to our rice mills. Special care is taken to ensure that the paddy has been cultivated following traditional wisdom, with use of minimal pesticides and artificial processes that may harm the grain, and influence the taste and quality.

Processing of Rice

Each grain is treated with utmost care in our rice mills. Rice grains from processed paddy is passed on to a Receiving and Cleaning section, which receives the input material from a receiving hopper with the help of a Bucket Elevator. Impurities like threads, stones, dust, and other foreign materials like glass and iron are separated out in this area. For smaller impurities, a pre-cleaner is used. This works on the basis of separation through sieves of different sizes. For larger and heavier impurities we employ a destoner, which uses the difference in weight of foreign materials vis-a-vis that of rice. An online flow meter is used to measure the quantity of cleaned paddy. The final product is made free from all immature, broken, discolored and admixture grains. This is done through sorting by using the latest Japanese technology Sortex machines from Satake - a computerized process which enables grains to be of the same size, shape and color. Only the best grains are chosen to be packed into a bag of Deccan Rice. Grains are also cleaned between each and every process, to prevent the mixing of outside impurities, as well as to ensure that not a single impurity is able to pass through.

Packaging of Rice

Packaging at Deccan is a completely automated process, free from human intervention and touch. Rice grains from the Sortex machines are stored in silos, where they are well fumigated to prevent the growth of microbes. Grains are then packed automatically in 150 gsm bags which are hermetically sealed. The entire process is closely monitored to ensure the highest standards of hygiene.


Private Labelling

Rice that comes through our state-of-the-art rice mills and processing technology is a quality product that you can bank on with absolute trust; trust that is also reciprocated by quality conscious consumers. Our premium quality rice combines with your endearing label for a product that will forever captivate your customers, convincing them to return again and again for a taste of this rich experience, and build for you a strong brand equity.

While our products speak for themselves, they are just a part of who we are and what we do. What makes Deccan so appealing to do business with is our readiness to own the complete supply chain management, till your order is delivered to your designated warehouse or Inland Container Depot, well within the committed time frames. We take complete responsibility for all customs and regulatory clearances, customizing deliveries to suit your needs - whether it be on CIF or FOB basis. Our process starts with the packaging.

Deccan uses a fully automated and hygienic packaging system, where rice is packed into 150 gsm bags and hermetically sealed. The packed bags are then carried by trucks to the nearest sea port - Mumbai. The rice bags are now ready to be loaded into sea-worthy containers. These containers are fumigated before hand, and then laminated with impervious paper to prevent leachates from entering the bags. It also helps to dispel any odour that the container may have acquired. Thus the pristine nature of the product is maintained all through.

Deccan enjoys the competitive advantage of holding a direct service contract with Maersk - the world's largest shipping and handling firm - which allows us to ship to almost all ports of commercial significance, across the world. Relying on in-house services to clear and forward our consignments, and with the expertise of Maersk by our side, we are able to provide unmatched service level experiences to all our customers.

Superior quality products, backed by dedicated service and 24x7 operations support - now that's who we are and what we do!

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